Our Story

Finalrentals is a solution, not a company.

Solving Rental Car problems is all we do. It is now that it sounds so easy, but it all started out blurry. However, in all this blur there was one thing that seemed a little obvious. Just like you could potentially recognize an elephant’s shadow in a blurry vision, as it’s an unusual 4 legged present-day monster.

So what seemed so obvious was solving rental car problems that were left unattended while they mattered enough. We deliberately used the word ‘unattended’ as they went not overlooked by the Finalrentals.

So, the gap between the unattended problems and what to do is where Finalrentals was born. Ever since we have been bridging the gap.

Some of those problems were facing surprising facts at the rental car counter. Secondly, you would have to open 6 different tabs to find out which company offers the best possible price. But now, they have become a thing of the past.

So, how did we solve the problem? Whenever you visit our Monthly Car Rentals and Weekly Car Rentals page, there’s a blue line on the top of each car image. Click on it to see the price options available from different rental companies that we work with. See how we cut down the number of tabs you open in your browser? It not only save your time, but it helps you in making an economical decision.

Finalrentals is shaped by seasoned car rental industry insiders. So we know about ideal prices and the level of services that justify that cost. Moreover, professionals at Finalrentals negotiate on your behalf from several rental car companies. Why so? To let you get that bang out of your buck. Why? Because we like to see you where you love to remain - within your budget.